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A brand-focused creative agency, driven by putting great ideas into people’s hands.

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We pride ourselves in having the knowledge and skill-sets to be able to create products for our clients that fit within trends and stand out in the industry. Our product development has consistently enhanced their brands and allowed for greater customer engagement. This is no small feat.

Our infrastructure allows us to not only produce the ideas our clients request, but enables us to also develop unique products that they may have not anticipated or thought of. With offices in Canada and overseas, our team is able to thrive both on the creative and operational levels alike.


We have been consistently called upon to serve our clients in the health and beauty space, as well as cosmetic accessory market. We design product for various demographics within health and beauty, but specialize primarily in the women and children categories.

For years, we have provided high-quality items for a diverse clientele that span the gamut from home décor to stationery products to personal accessories. There's great reward in being able to help many people make a comfortable and beautiful haven out of their homes.

From innovative tea infusers to whisky rocks, we have designed, developed, and produced a vast array of products that have helped shape some of our clients' core offerings and customer experiences within the tea, coffee, wines, and spirits categories.


Often times people consider the word “brand” synonymous with the word “logo”. Though closely related, the logo is only one piece of what makes a brand recognizable. A brand’s visual expression gains recognition through the harmonious efforts of many supporting elements. Our job is to create a memorable name and logo, accompanied by a cohesive visual aesthetic, as we build our clients’ voice and culture into one that is strong and effective.

The brands we build are not only expressed visually but permeate every facet of the company, even how a customer is greeted at the door. This presents the culture in a more tangible way than a business card ever could and represents just one of the many components we specialize in to help companies engage with their audiences.

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Whether we are developing a product or brand from scratch or adapting a brand into reinterpreted products, each piece will always need their own identity. The identity is the difference between a customer noticing your product on the shelf or walking right by it. It’s what will capture people’s attention long enough to envision their lives with what you’ve made. We are involved in the aesthetic and tone, establishing the visual language as well as the voice with which the brand speaks to the public. is manifests itself in everything we design; from the product to the packaging to how we market it.

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to listen to our clients and their customers enough to understand their pain points and desires, and to assess how to address them. Through this process we come to know the products and people involved so well, that it’s natural for us to know how to advertise it. It’s this understanding, coupled with our experience in brand communication, that allows us to advertise on multiple platforms, leveraging each one to get your product in front of the appropriate eyes, and ultimately in the right hands.

Whatever exists in the world exists online, and if it doesn’t exist online it’s practically non-existent. Time and time again we have built websites that succeed as marketing tools as well as the market itself. This ensures that customers have adequate opportunity to interact with the brand, whether to buy into the company or from the company. The web allows avenues for you to stand as an authority in your specific industry through content creation, as well as a place to house current products or even leverage your overstock.

The Process

You are constantly working to build your business and we are right there with you. With specific objectives and goals in mind, we ensure that the products we develop and brands we create are well designed, produced, and marketed. To do this, we follow a strategic, and intentional process that is constantly being refined to ensure that you are getting the best out of us.


The first step of our process is all about really getting to know you. We don’t just want to know about your business, we want to know about you and what makes you tick. Understanding who you are and what you truly need effects everything we do; we don’t proceed without this step.

The next step is to start discovering things about your industry and what sets you apart. We dive heavily into research and development, and begin to throw some ideas at the wall (literally and figuratively) to see what ideas will really stick and bring value to your business.

Once the concepts have been presented and approved, affirmed that we’re all headed in the right direction, we begin to design and build upon the concepts. We execute and refine, iterating on the work until we have the perfect solution for you.

At this point we’re so excited that we’ve wanted to Instagram it, but we’ve had to keep the project hush-hush. We love the reveal—the moment you’ve been waiting for! We can finally launch the work we’ve been toiling over, talking through and agreeing upon together!

Most people would think that the project ends at the reveal, but once we set these projects out into the world, we need to make sure they stand well on their own two feet. This takes some time of quality assurance and brand management. We do this by taking the time to educate our clients and make sure they understand how to get the most out of what we’ve built for them.

The Team

We are comprised of creative professionals, skilled in brand and product development, product design, graphic design, illustration, user experience and interface design, social media management, operations, change management, and strategic brand implementation.

We strive to create the best experiences for the companies and people we partner with. We pride ourselves not only in the vision, design, finished and implemented product but also in our intentionally collaborative process and relationships built along the way.

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